The Curated Ear

Forget about stacked bracelets and layered necklaces. These days, it’s all about the ear party. As the saying goes, the more, the merrier – even when it comes to your earrings.

In the past, most would be content with having a single piercing on each earlobe
to wear their favourite earrings on. However, today, it’s all about having multiple piercing on one’s earlobes. This means that you can flaunt your style and get creative with more types of jewellery hanging from your ears. It’s no wonder that some of today’s favourite style stars, including Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Zoe Kravitz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, Blake Lively… the list goes on and on, don multiple earrings to frame their camera-ready faces.

With countless styles of earrings to choose from, you don’t want to randomly pick and haphazardly wear just any earrings all over your earlobes. It’s all about a curated ear and carefully selecting which earrings make it to the prominent positions on your ears.

One of the things you’ll want to consider is the focal point of your curated ear. This would be the first piercing or the first couple of piercings at the bottom of your earlobe and closest to your face. With its place of prominence, this is where you’ll want to position your statement earring or the biggest pieces among the earrings you’d like to wear. You could use a large stud, drop earrings, a hoop with a dangling charm, or even dangling earrings.

With these piercings being at the widest part of your earlobe, it is also ideal for not only the larger but also the heavier styles of earrings.

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As your piercings move up your earlobe, the earrings that you attach to them will
make up the base of your curated ear. These piercings are particularly ideal for helix, delicate studs, as well as huggie style earrings. Consider them the base of your curated ear because these are the pieces that you’ll wear longer, without necessarily taking them off or switching them out on a daily basis. 


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Another great addition to your curated ear are ear cuffs. What makes them extra great is the fact that they don’t require any piercings. You can easily attach a standard ear cuff in the middle of your earlobe, choose a smaller cuff for the upper part of your ear, or opt for a cartilage bar cuff. Being as they don’t require any piercings, you can truly have fun with ear cuffs. You can effortlessly switch them out from day to night and mix and match different styles to compliment or contrast the rest of your earrings and your outfit as a whole.

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When it comes to specific earring designs, metal types, and stone options,
deciding what to wear, pair, and coordinate for your curated ear is truly a matter of personal preference and personal style. While there are no hard and fast rules, we generally recommend selecting one type of metal to adorn your ears. You can choose an array of gold earrings with matching coloured stones and design details. You can also decide on putting on a set of silver earrings with contrasting pearl and turquoise details. The options are endless and with it being your own ears, it’s up to you to have fun curating the pieces to wear.