Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s nearly that time of the year when we celebrate some of the most important people in our lives – mothers and mother-figures, of course. Needless to say, one day is not nearly enough and mothers everywhere deserve more than just twenty-four hours in their honour. This makes it even more important to make the day extra special and meaningful. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you don’t want to get caught out or leave things to the last minute when it comes to the perfect gift to mark the special occasion.

As the saying goes, “Mom – a title just above queen.” So, what do you get the queen or queens of your life? The obvious answer is, of course, jewellery. While a crown may be the most fitting, it’s certainly not all that practical for her to wear. Instead, we suggest something sparkly and stylish that she can adorn herself with and wear throughout the day or night. 

When it comes to finding just the perfect piece of jewellery, remember that different moms have different styles. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the most appropriate jewellery design for the perfect gift to give the mothers and mother-figures in your life.

For the mothers who are always busy and on the go (is there a mother who isn’t?), a minimalist yet very on trend chain necklace is a great choice. It’s not only convenient to wear and comfortable to move around in, but it will also automatically elevate any outfit. She can wear one simple chain or layer them on, and even add a pendant or multiple pendants to the necklace for a more fashion forward look.

If arm candy is more her preference, a combination bracelet with both pearls and a gold chain is a fun choice. You can also choose a timeless crystal bracelet, such as a tennis style bracelet or a cuff with crystals. These are styles that will never go out of fashion. She can effortlessly wear them with almost any outfit, as well as any other bracelet that’s already in her jewellery box.

For the sentimental mother, opt for a personalised piece of jewellery. You can’t go wrong with a necklace or bracelet with special initials, whether it’s in gold, silver, or rose gold. If you’d prefer a subtler style of personalisation, choose a necklace with a zodiac sign pendant or a pair of earrings or a ring with a significant birthstone.

Now if the mother in question is religious or even superstitious, look no further than a cross necklace or bracelet. A dainty chain with a crystal or metal cross will be a great addition to her everyday jewellery collection. Another option is to get her a piece of jewellery with an evil design, whether it’s a necklace, earrings, ring or a bracelet.

While the piece of jewellery may not come from the Tower of London, that doesn’t make it any less priceless or significant to gift to a queen of a mother. After all, nothing makes jewellery more special, sentimental, and valuable than the meaning behind it and the person who gave it.