About Mezi


Mezi, founded in 1990, is a devoted family-run business that focuses on quality, creativity and self-expression.


Arriving in Australia with her three young daughters, Mazal dreamed of creating a brand to signify her journey. As a single mother, Mezi (a nickname she inherited from her mother Victoria) turned to what she knew best and quickly started to source exotic jewels. Her sources were not only local designers, but also emerging designers from her homeland of Israel, which she would sell at markets throughout Sydney. Mezi soon realised that her dream of creating a brand was fast becoming a reality, with eager customers and exciting ideas for new designs.


Thirty years on, devoted mother Mazal remains the heart and soul of the Mezi brand, inspired by her journey and heritage. Not only is the label named after her, but the quality, direction and style of the collection is a beautiful representation of her effortless approach to daily life, fashion and her culture.


Following in her footsteps are her daughters, who sought to create unique pieces which would encapsulate their mother’s passion, timeless style and culture. Cultural elements influenced by the family’s Egyptian, Moroccan and Israeli heritage are a constant theme, season after season, symbolising inspiring moments captured in time. Modern Middle East is a highlight in the collections and has become the signature of a Mezi design.


“Each piece is created with quality and attentiveness, allowing each wearer to relate to a certain feeling of empowerment and reflection. The attentiveness and quality are drawn from a love and respect for the people closest to us, who make our dreams a reality and provide a constant source of inspiration. This is our family.”


Mezi is designed in Australia and handcrafted by artisans all over the world, including Israel, Morocco and India, reflecting the authenticity behind the brand.


Mezi x