What are the Most Popular Types of Piercings?

Body piercings make a fun and unique way to add a little sparkle to your personal
aesthetic. Over the years, people have upgraded their look from the traditional ear lobe piercing to various body art accessories.
These days, you can get nearly any part of your body pierced. Below, you will find the most popular types of face and body piercings. 


Lobe Piercings

The highly favoured and most traditional piercing occurs on the ear lobe. This often becomes the first piercing that a person gets. The best part about lobe piercings is that you can add to them and have multiple earrings in the bottom part of your ear. Once your lobe piercing is completely healed which usually takes 6-8 weeks with the correct aftercare you can change your piece of jewellery to a diamond or gemstone stud and dangle earrings, creating your own unique style.

Cartilage (Helix) Piercings

Cartilage or helix piercings come in second to lobe piercings when it comes to popularity. Cartilage piercings go along the upper ridge of your ear and can be done with a stud or ring. People often choose to do a double or triple helix piercing to create a stacked look.

The only downside to this type of piercing is that it requires six months for healing, significantly longer than the other types of ear piercings.

Nose Piercings

The third most popular type of piercing is a nose piercing. This piercing is done through the cartilage of your nostril with a hollow needle. Nose piercings can be a simple stud or an elegant hoop that hugs the side of your nose. It is important to make sure you keep your new piercing free of any dirt and make-up, otherwise, you run the risk of infection.

Daith Piercings

A daith piercing includes a hoop or ring that goes on the inner cartilage part of your ear. This piercing makes a half-moon shape right outside of your ear canal and is growing more and more popular.

Conch Piercings

The conch, the inner curve of your ear, makes for an excellent piercing location. A conch piercing includes a hoop that goes on the centre part of your ear.

Cuffs make a suitable alternative for those who want the conch-decorated look without the actual piercing.

Tragus Piercings

There is a small part of cartilage near the ear canal, known as the tragus and it is a trending area for piercings. A tragus piercing is a subtle piercing that can either have a stud or hoop.

Tragus piercings take a longer time to heal as the piercing is prone to pressure being applied on it by the use of your phone at your ear and sleeping on the same side as the piercing. It is important to reduce touching the piercing where possible and ensure you are implementing the correct cleaning regime to avoid infection.

Rook Piercings

A rook piercing is found to be one of the more creative piercings and typically includes a barbell or hoop as the jewellery piece. The piercing is done with a hollow needle that pierces the ridge area of the upper ear, just above the tragus. Ensuring you see a professional piercer who uses sterile equipment is important to avoid potential infection of the piercing.

Navel (Belly Button) Piercings

Navel piercings stand out as one of the few non-facial types of piercings that make the top ten list. Although they are more prone to infections, a well-maintained belly button piercing offers a simple yet exotic look.

Proper maintenance and having the piercing done by an experienced professional will ensure that it stays clean and healthy.

Industrial Piercings

An industrial piercing is also known as a bar piercing. It connects two piercing holes with a single piece of bar jewellery. The most popular location for an industrial piercing lies in the upper ear; however, some people will choose to put it in other areas.

Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings are increasing in popularity these days. They add a subtle flair with various styles ranging from bars to studs. It is vital to have this piercing done by an experienced professional to ensure you receive a clean piercing that heals properly.

Labret Piercings

A labret piercing is another trendy option for lip piercing. This piercing is done by your piercer using a clamp to hold your lip out and piercing it with a needle. Labret piercings include rings that hug the bottom lip or studs that sit just below it.

With so many types of piercings trending these days, choosing which one you want can be challenging; let Mezi help. Contact us today to schedule a piercing or to learn more about the different piercing options available.