They say sometimes a hug is all you need to make you feel better. Well, similar could be said about huggies. Sometimes, a pair of huggies is all you need to make your style look even better.

What Are Huggie Earrings
What are huggies, you may ask? A style of hoop earrings, huggies fit snugly around one’s earlobe. As its name suggests, the style, in effect, hugs one’s ear. You could consider them as the smallest sibling of a hoop earring. Traditional hoop earrings, which can range from small to extra large, dangle from one’s ear with a considerable amount of space between your ear and the bottom of the hoop. The main difference of a huggie is that it sits so close to one’s ear that it doesn’t actually
dangle much.


Despite its dainty and demure size, huggies pack a stylish punch. They can make
quite a fashion statement in the way that they can add that little bit of edge to your everyday style. Wearing a single huggie on each ear is a chic and subtle way to easily elevate any look. If you’re feeling more fashion forward, you can even wear a pair of mismatched earrings with a huggie on one ear and another style, such as a stud or a drop earring, on the other.

Those with two or more piercings on their earlobes can have fun mixing and matching various styles of earrings, including multiple huggies. Because of their small size, huggies don’t look overwhelming even if you wear a variety of huggies on your ears. Another bonus is that unlike, large hoops, you don’t run the risk of snagging or pulling on the hoop and hurting your ear.

When choosing a huggie earring, it’s important to select one in the correct size, depending on the width of your earlobe and the position of your piercing on it. Remember, you want your huggie to quite literally hug your earlobe. Therefore, if you have a relatively large earlobe with a piercing at the center, you’ll want an appropriately large huggie. Those with multiple piercings will want smaller huggies the further up your earlobe you wear the huggie on.

Huggie Earring Australia

When it comes to style, huggies are not limited to a round shape. They come in an array of fun and fashionable designs and silhouettes. Those with a more minimalist style can opt to wear a pair of plain or textured huggies in a round, rectangular, oval, or even triangular shape that’s made with gold, black steel or colored enamel. If you prefer a more luxe style, choose a huggie that’s made with gold, silver or rose gold and embedded with crystals or even pearls. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more fun, put on a huggie with a small dangler in the form of a crystal, cross, clover, crescent, evil eye or any other shape of your liking. Now, if you’d like to go more edgy, choose a pair of huggies that’s linked by a chain and is meant to be worn on two piercing on your one earlobe.

It comes as no surprise that huggies have become the favorite, go-to earrings of no less than the likes of Hailey Baldwin Bieber, Gigi Hadid, Gwyneth Paltrow and a slew of other fashion darlings. As they’re all well aware, we could all use a huggie to complete an outfit for anytime of day.

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