How to protect and maintain your favourite jewellery in 3 easy steps | Tips and Tricks

Written by | MEZI team

Let’s be real - we all constantly struggle with preserving and maintaining the shine and bling of our jewellery pieces. Often, the gold and silver plating on our accessories tarnish leaving behind dull and unwanted colours.
From rings to bracelets and even necklaces, once in a while our jewellery needs the attention. By following these simple steps- you can preserve your accessories and keep them looking brand new and trendy. Happy reading!


1. Storing the Jewellery

Everybody has their own preference when it comes to storing jewellery. Many people tend to store it in boxes, stands or even keep it loosely on their dresser. After doing some research we found that the best method of organising your jewellery is in velvet pouches or in an organised compartment drawer. It is essential to keep all items in a cool and dry location, visible and sectioned in their appropriate category to avoid any damages to the delicate pieces.





2. Wear with Care

Ladies, make it a habit when dressing up to wear jewellery on your final stage. This will avoid any direct contact with harsh chemicals such as hairspray, perfume, makeup and the like. It is also best to remove any accessories before hitting the gym, showering and washing your hands - to preserve the original shine and sparkle of the piece.




3. DIY Cleaning

There is tons of information on the internet on how to clean your jewellery. But which method really works? That is the question on everybody’s mind. After trying and testing a few suggestions - we finally found a technique that works!

Purchasing a soft cloth jewellery cleaner will immediately help in retaining the shine of your accessories. By practising this method regularly, the wipe will immediately remove any uninvited residue, replacing the odd colours with a polished look.