A Personalised Gift for Your Valentine

What could be more special than something that’s specifically chosen with you inmind? This coming Valentine’s Day, go the extra mile by opting for a personalised gift for your loved one. After all, a symbol of your love should be more than just any present and last longer than the reddest of roses.

Selecting a personalised gift doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process, or an over-priced one for that matter. Surprise your loved one with a timeless piece of personalised jewellery that he or she is sure to love.

Initial jewellery is a simple yet meaningful gift that is not only beautiful but 

highly wearable too. Choose a necklace with your loved one’s initial as a pendant. Whether the initial is engraved on a disc, shaped in gold, or studded with crystals, it’s a style that can be easily and fashionably worn with almost any outfit. You can even be extra romantic and combine both yours and your loved one’s initials and have them hanging from a single chain, whether it be a long or a short style.

If you prefer something a little more unexpected, choose initial jewellery in the form of earrings or a bracelet. Have a dainty initial dangling from a huggie earring or an embellished initial as a stud-style earring for a gift that’s not only unique but on trend too. Of course, you can also decide to give your loved one Valentine’s candy with some arm candy of their own. A chain bracelet with a chic initial is something that your loved one can wear on its own or combine with his or her other favourite bracelets. Regardless of style, choosing to gift personalised, initial jewellery quite literally spells out your love in bold letters.

If subtlety is more you and your significant other’s style, then look no further than birthstone and star sign or zodiac jewellery. You don’t have to have your loved one’s name or initial emblazoned on jewellery to gift her or him with something personalised and special.

Depending on your partner’s day of birth, you can choose a piece of jewellery with
the appropriate zodiac symbol engraved on it. Whether it be in gold, rose gold, or silver, a necklace or a bracelet with a zodiac symbol pendant or charm hanging from it may be an understated symbol but is an overt expression of your love.

You also have the option of selecting a bracelet, necklace, ring, or earrings with your significant other’s birthstone incorporated in its design. Based on the month when your partner was born, choose his or her preferred style of jewellery featuring the appropriate birthstone for a beautiful and meaningful Valentine’s Day present.

Personalised jewellery is not merely a clear and long-lasting testament of your  love and thoughtfulness. It’s also something special that your significant other can wear day in and day out and remember you by. It’s a great way to have your present be present every day beyond Valentine’s.